Subsequent Applicants for Additional Permits to Purchase a Handgun

and/or Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Cards


1. Type or Print all information clearly, on all forms.


2. All addresses must be complete with house number, street, town, state, and zip code and PO Box (If applicable).


3. All forms must be signed. It is requested you complete this in the presence of the law enforcement officer where you are submitting the application to.


4. Return all completed and unused forms.


5. Height shall be in feet and inches, Ex. 5'10"


6. Indicate Race with Asian, Black, American Indian or White.


7. If you are applying for a Handgun Purchase Permit, there is no limit on the quanity of permits you may apply for. (However, you may only purchase one handgun every 30 days.)


8. A Criminal History Records MUST BE COMPLETED ELECTRONICALLY (instructions  below)


9. Complete the Consent for Mental Health Records Search. MUST BE SIGNED IN PRESENCE OF LAW ENFORCEMNENT OFFICER


10. Complete a State of New Jersey Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit, Click here for Application.


11. Current issued Firearms Purchaser Identification Card shall be surrendered at the time of submission of new application (if applicable).


 Improperly prepared applications may delay the processing of your application





• Login to the website https:/

• When asked for the agency’s ORI number, enter NJ0102200

• A literal translation will appear giving the option of continuing or canceling the filing.

• If you choose to continue you will fill out the demographics and select the background needed. For Firearm Purchaser Identification Cards and Handgun Purchase Permits you will select: NJS 2C:58-3. Firearm licensing.

• You will then be requested to enter your State Bureau of Identification number (SBI number- also known as the Firearms Identification number). This is to ensure that you have been finger printed under a firearms application before. If you have not you will be rejected from the process at this time.

• If all information is correct, you will then check out by making the payment by credit card or electronic check. Once the payment is verified, you will receive a Conformation & Receipt that will include your confirmation number. It is recommended you save this document for your records.

• You will find additional instructions in the help section once you set up your account and become a user. Any problems or questions contact SBI at 609-882-2000 extension 2918.



 * The falsification of information on any of the applications for firearms permits is a violation of N.J.S. 2C:39-10c and is crime of the third degree. Any falsification may result in criminal charges against you




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