On Tuesday 10/9/2018 Readington Twp. Police Department arrested Nigel Hill aged 20 of Whitehouse Station for burglary and theft of three Readington homes. Readington Twp. Police would like to thank the public for answering its call to report suspicious activity. Without the help of a vigilant citizen, an arrest in these cases would not have been possible.

On Saturday 10/6/2018 a citizen reported that a subject had rung his door bell to check if anyone answered the door. The homeowner contacted Readington Police and described the subject after viewing his home surveillance system. Readington patrols stopped and identified the subject as Nigel Hill. Information from the stop led Readington Detectives to establish probable cause for the arrest The warrant was executed at Hill's residence on 10/9/2018 with the assistance of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office. Readington Police arrested Hill as he was hiding in a bathroom.

The Readington Twp. Police is committed to public safety. We rely on an informed public to help us in our duties. It is with this police- community teamwork that made this case a success.

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