Old Highway Radar signs

Two new traffic radar signs have been added to the Readington Township roadways. The two signs were installed in both directions on Old Highway 28 to assist with speeding and monitoring traffic volume in the area. ReadingtonTownship Police and Township offiffials decided on the location due to the high volume of traffic and speeding complaints in the area. These signs are in addition to the two signs that were placed on Route 523, 2 years ago.

Each sign is equipped with wireless technology. This allows for quick and secure downloads from the sign to a computer. A built in traffic counter stores information regarding vehicle data such as the number of cars, minimum, maximum and average speeds. This data is then transmitted to a computer to allow for review and analysis. In addition to gathering data the signs give police the ability to customize the message being displayed. The digital signs are located as you approach the intersection and gives motorist instant feedback for example they can warn motorist they are driving too fast or give positive feedback to drivers who are within the speed limit.

The signs on Old Highway 28 were installed and mounted by Plesh Electric.

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